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Share or Certificate Secured Loan

Terms Rate Type Margin Maximum Amount
Up to 120 Months Variable 2.50% over Share or Certificate Rate 90% of Account Balance

Variable rate may adjust when Share or CD rates change

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Unsecured Loan (Personal)

Minimum amount of $750.00 required at application
Terms Rate Type **APR Maximum Amount
Up to 60 Months Fixed 11.99%


Mini Loan for a limited time Fixed 8.99% $2500.00

Special Unsecured Mini Loan For a Limited Time (Estimated Payments per $1000.00 is $45.69 Based on 24 Months)

(Personal Loan) *11.74% If Direct Deposit Payroll Payment; Estimated Payment per $1000.00 is $22.12 – Estimated payment per $1000.00 for 60 months $22.26


Unsecured Home Improvement Loan

Terms Rate Type **APR Loan Limts
Up to 72 Months Fixed 7.00%

Minimum $5000.00 / Maximum $10,000.00

Must be primary residence and have ownership interest in property; $150.00 origination fee; certain terms and conditions

apply, see loan department for details



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 Credit Card – Visa and Master Card

**APR Maximum Amount
As Low As 9.00% $10,000.00
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Approved credit required. May not be used to pay off other loans from MWCFCU.APR=Annual Percentage Rate.

Loan department contacts:

Phone: 508-879-5522 or 877-482-6055 Ext 215, 208 or 218

Fax: 508-879-6806